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What my students thought


Charlotte Holt


Having always been a fairly nervous person, when it came to learning how to drive I was one hundred percent certain that I would never be able to drive a car comfortably with a stranger let alone actually pass a driving test. Within the first block session with Mick, I can honestly say that my initial worries vanished. From the get go, Mick was laid back and rather than being as stressed or angry when I made a mistake (as some instructors can be) he would be encouraging and supportive.

When I failed my driving test, due to nerves getting the better of me, Mick was there to lighten the mood and figure out what went wrong. Right away, he works on tackling the problems head on so that you become confident in yourself throughout driving, especially in those tricky situations that might occur. He reminded me often to take things as they are, to laugh at them and move on, because it's only when you realise that everyone makes mistakes every now and again that you're actually comfortable in front of the wheel.

I can honestly say that I never would have passed my test without Mick's guidance. I know that when discussing driving with friends who were also learning, they were often shocked with how positively I spoke of his lessons. He teaches you that it's not just the theory behind HOW to drive that's important but also the ability to apply your own common sense to when you're out on the road.

Oh, and that wearing sunglasses makes you look cool ;) haha.

For such a good price, if you take lessons with Mick, you wont be disappointed. I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive who finds themselves worrying about what the instructor or the examiner might be thinking, and I certainly hope that you'll enjoy lessons with Mick as much as I did.

Mick, thank you. I appreciate your help so much, you made driving enjoyable.